More About Us


     “Out  of the ashes of two fires, out of the water and mud of two major floods … emerges the new Calvary United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville,  PA.” Consecration Sunday Bulletin of September 16, 1979; Agnes in 1972; Eloise in 1975; 2 fires in 1978; each one devastating in its own way, but as Bill Easum would point out in a church study in 1994, “I  am amazed at the resilience of this congregation; being burned out  twice and flooded twice. Each time it comes back stronger than before.”

                                                          BOY, HAVE GOD’S PEOPLE COME BACK !! 

           A new church formed from the merger of four former churches - a new  church building in 1979, a new parsonage in 1983 and a new Friendship  Center in 2003. Each new phase has inspired new growth and new  ministries. 

           Today, CUMC is a vibrant congregation of 80-100 people worshipping GOD  in two different services. We have Sunday School classes for all age  groups, a phone prayer chain and an email prayer network.There are ministry opportunities for any age: a food  pantry, 2 choirs, a praise team, bible studies and a very active youth group (Oh, yeah!!). In addition, we have a child-care center, adult volleyball, AA and using our facilities.Our monthly newsletter  is full of good information. We support local, national and  international ministries such as VIM (Volunteers In Missions), UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)Mission Central, community events and a host of others.

          We invite you to COME AND SEE Calvary United Methodist Church. Worship GOD with us and experience HIS love through the fellowship of HIS people.

                                                                         OUR MINISTRY CAMPUS

     We  wish to take you on a tour of our ministry campus by the means of a  slideshow below. In this slideshow, you will see the church parsonage; the Strait House located across from Calvary United Methodist Church; our  church, Calvary United Methodist Church; and our Friendship Center  located directly behind Calvary United Methodist Church. We hope you enjoy your slideshow tour of our ministry campus!

     If you have any questions after your slideshow tour, you can either call the church office at 

(570) 827-2627 or email the church at Thank you!