Missions and Outreach


Strait From the Heart Food Pantry

Our  Strait from the Heart Food Pantry is operated by Calvary United  Methodist Church. The food pantry is located at 18 Academy Street, Lawrenceville, PA. The pantry is in the white house next to the parking  ot across the street from the church. The pantry is open from 3-6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. A family must meet state income guidelines for eligibility. Income eligibility is self-declaration of need  and no proof of income is required.

For more information contact the church office at (570) 827-2627. Linda Giardina is the Food Pantry Coordinator. 

Strait From the Heart Clothes Closet

The  Strait from the Heart Clothing Closet is operated by the Calvary United  Methodist Church and is located at 18 Academy Street in Lawrenceville,  PA. The Clothing Closet is open the third Thursday of each month  from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (use the front-door entrance) & 3:00 to  6:00 p.m. (use the back-door entrance).

Clothing  for men, women, and children are collected from church members and from  the community and made available to anyone in need. The Clothing Closet is named in honor of former Pastor Roger Strait.

To donate clothing or to make special arrangements to shop for clothing, you can contact the church office at (570) 827-2627. 

Friends In Deed (FID)

This ministry begun in 1982 as an outreach ministry to our church family and  our community, FID offers assistance in emergency  situations and circumstances of need which often do not meet the  criteria of social services available in our area. 

Requests for assistance, as well as the funds, are managed through the church office with assistance from a Steering Committee within Calvary Church. Most of our contacts are from uncharged individuals and families and it is always our hope that FID is a witness to the love of Christ in this congregation and this community.

Individual circumstances are considered in determining needs, which have included assistance with rent, utilities, transportation expense, food and medical needs primarily in the Lawrenceville-Tioga area, as well as countless bags of food from our emergency food pantry. 

The emergency food pantry is supported by monthly donations of food items from within  the congregation. Specific food items are requested on a monthly basis  and the Missions Committee continues to place these requests before the  congregation. Williamson Jr.-Sr. High School classes and the local Scout troops have given generously to the food pantry in the past as well. 

FID supports the Missions committee with the Harvest Home food baskets filled at Thanksgiving.  At Christmas, gift cards from FID are given to families identified from previous assistance and referral from the school and/or local agencies with knowledge of individual situations. FID funds are received primarily by donations from the congregation  and while the congregation responds with great support at holiday time, it is a testament to faithfulness and commitment that the people of Calvary support this ministry week after week and month after month throughout the year. 

FID is also an opportunity for the church to interact with other  services and businesses in our area. We are most appreciative of the past financial support from the local Lions Club at Thanksgiving and Christmas time and often the ministry joins with the Salvation Army, the Wellsboro District Good Samaritan fund, and local human service agencies to meet needs in difficult situations. 

If you want your extra-mile giving to have an impact, consider the Friends In Deed ministry.

Shawl Ministry

We meet every Tuesday in Room #1 of the Friendship Center to knit and  crochet prayer shawls and lap robes. As the shawls and robes are  completed, they are prayed over and blessed; then they are given to people in our church and community who are lonely, facing surgery,  dealing with cancer, death, or who just need to feel the loving arms of  God around them. We always welcome new members to the group.   The Shawl  Ministry disbands for the summer and resumes in September each year.

If you have questions about how you can become involved, please call Carol Koch at (570) 835-5619 or email her at ckoch@epix.net.

United Methodist Women (UMW)

The purpose of the UMW is to know God and to experience freedom as persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative supportive fellowship, and to expand  concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the Church." Members or non-members are welcome to join the Calvary United Methodist Women. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.in the Friendship Center. We meet for fellowship and work on several mission projects during the year. At Christmas we make sunshine baskets for shut-ins and those that are alone. We also help with funeral dinners and  other church functions.


If you are interested in joining the Calvary UMW or if you have questions, please call Kay Hoag at

(570) 835-5095.

Missions Committee

Calvary United Methodist Church Missions Projects support our community as well as ministries around the world. Listed below are some highlights of the activities and/or ministries in which Calvary United Methodist Church is involved:

World Communion Sunday 

This is an investment in the future leadership of the church and the global community, ensuring continuing ministry for generations to come. We, at Calvary United Methodist Church, ask members of the church to donate various types of bread.  As the congregation enters the church, they may select a loaf(s) bread if they choose, and they make a donation. We join churches all around the world in celebrating communion on that day. 

Harvest Home Baskets 

At Thanksgiving time, food is given to individuals and/or families who need a little boost to make their holidays special. Food is donated by members of the church and the community. The boxes include a turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy mix, vegetables, fruits, desserts, along with other types of food.

Camp Fund

The ladies of Calvary Church bake thousands of Christmas Cookies every year as a fundraiser. These  monies are used to help offset the cost to send youth to various  Christian youth camps. This has become a wonderful event for all of us at Calvary with approximately 50 people participating in either baking, frosting, packing and delivering the  cookies. 

Items of the Month

The Missions committee asks for donations of specific food items each month that are used to stock our emergency food pantry. This pantry operates out of our church office and is for individuals and families in our  community. A non-food item is also requested that will be given to the Elkland HUB to fill health and school kits for Mission Central. 

One Great Hour of Sharing 

This activity helps God’s children for whom war and violence are very real and offers compassion and healing to people we will never meet. It provides disaster relief and helps refugees with basic necessities of life. 

Good Samaritan Fund 

This fund ,formed in 1988, was inspired by our own Friends In Deed! Every person in the Williamsport District is asked to donate just $1.50 per person/per year to this fund. It  brings food or assistance to area citizens who are unemployed, stricken by tragedy, or in need due to some crisis. Calvary's Missions Committee assists the church in raising this money each year. 

Peace with Justice Sunday 

This collection of gifts allows us to reach out to children and youth by  helping them find alternatives to violence. The money provides education and resources to help end global injustice and improve human rights for all people and supports the work of leaders who stop violence and restore peace. Fifty percent of every dollar given is put to work in our annual conference and the remainder funds Peace With Justice ministries around the world. 

United Methodist Student Day 

This offering provides more than 2,000 undergraduate scholarships for students attending United Methodist-related colleges. Some of the money is used to provide approximately 1,200 loans to students who have already demonstrated their commitment to education by having the lowest  loan-default rates. Each year $50,000 is returned to the annual conference for merit scholarship awards for students of their choosing. 

Mission Central

Mission Central is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. This ministry  touches people by creating an atmosphere of trust and compassion to all people needing help. Some of their services include food, shelter,  referrals, fuel assistance, rent assistance, volunteer programs and  community education for people in all parts of the world. Calvary has  been supporting Mission Central for many years by collecting items that  are needed for disaster relief. For more information, you can click on  its website: www.missioncentral.org.

Emergency Disaster Relief 

Whenever there is a disaster, the United Methodist Church declares a relief fund. We, as a church, try to support the requests with special offerings. Calvary has gone on three Mission Trips to help those  who have been affected by Katrina and others natural disasters.


Conference Work Camps/Volunteers in Mission 

Individuals of the church are encouraged to volunteer their labor with various work camps. Each individual has a special gift to offer, whether it is cooking, cleaning, hammering, painting, etc. At Calvary there was a work camp at our own church when the Friendship Center was built.

Native American Awareness 

This is a special offering for Native Americans who are responding to God’s call in the ministry. Answering this call requires both God-given talent and seminary training. Gifts will provide scholarship money within our own church conference, and in urban areas across the United States. In the past, Calvary has had Native American speakers to provide a unique look into this ministry.